2020 digital marketing trends. Bet on technology!

The 2020 digital marketing trends are marked by the strong technological advances that are taking place in all fields, many of which will be a before and after in what we understand today as digital marketing. The changes in the consumer - as a consequence of the new technological offer - and the pattern that the younger generations, digital natives, have set, are also going to cause the Internet advertising scenario to undergo important changes.
Let's Begin!

1. Social ads, social media advertising works!

Social networks no longer work if we attend to their organic reach. All, with Facebook at the helm, have learned to get the most out of their advertising. To favor the effectiveness of the impacts, social media have developed their ad management platforms very much, creating innovative formats and allowing high-precision segmentation. Be that as it may, the truth is that social media advertising works better and that many brands already get part of their sales through them. The keys, in our opinion, are three: the increase in consumer confidence to buy through social networks, the sophistication of formats and segmentations, and the greater predisposition of users to make purchases during their moments of relaxation and leisure. For all these reasons, social ads should be considered as one of the 2020 digital marketing trends.

2.Mindful marketing: people and the planet, in the center

Mindful marketing is perhaps one of the most transversal 2020 digital marketing trends. Basically, it is that brands and their products have people and the planet at the center of their identity. Since the arrival of 2.0, unidirectional commercial communications have gradually disappeared, giving way to a new model of consumer-centered marketing, a model that listens to what the audience has to say and attends to it.
Mindful marketing seeks to generate consumer loyalty with the brand, regardless of the cause or causes that are used to achieve it.

3. Skills: getting voice assistants out

Although slowly, virtual assistants evolve every day. Not surprisingly, its main feature is learning with use. However, beyond the basic functionalities such as home automation control, purchases through a voice order or the activation of services such as listening to music, solving basic queries, weather information or sending messages, it opens before our eyes an unexplored world, a fertilized ground in which those who arrive first will grow stronger. The path that brands must follow in the world of voice assistants goes through the development of skills. The skills would be to virtual assistants what applications to smartphones, which makes us realize its importance as a tool to be in contact with the consumer. That is the only way: to offer something that is useful, that is related to your brand and that is developed with a strategy behind it, be it sales or reservations (such as an airline or restaurant) or just branding. The important thing is to be clear about what is being pursued and how much value there is in what the skill offers. Brands that wish to have a presence in a voice environment must act quickly and join one of the most important trends in digital marketing 2020, and that will continue to be so for years to come but with less chance of success.

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