9 Ways to Take Advantage of Summer Season

1.- Make the most of the holidays

Summer is dotted with a lot of business-friendly holidays right from Memorial Day to Fourth of July and Back to School among many others. Marketers can think of a themed event, product launch, or special holiday sale to draw the attention of the audience.

Discount coupons and special sales are a rage. Send newsletters to your regular customers to inform them of exclusive events and offerings so that they do not miss the hot deals. You can also take up an aggressive social media campaign with a holiday-themed hashtag to boost engagement.

2.- Outdoor marketing

Summer is the perfect time to come up with some interesting outdoor marketing tactics. Stick a few full-color car magnets on your sales vehicle or get a few beach umbrellas imprinted with your brand and message to spread the word and get people to talk about your summer sales. Locate some busy outdoor areas where these logo items will get easily noticed.

3.- Fun & Festival contests

Run a fun contest in your store or at popular festivals and carnivals. Collect the contact information of the attendees in return for a chance to win a prize. You have a great mailing list to follow up on once the festival is over.

4.- Give Back to the Local Community

Strengthen your association with the local community by giving back to non-profits, charities, and other local groups. You can use a percentage of your sales or profits to sponsor an event or help others. It will go a long way in highlighting your social commitment.

5.- Summer-themed giveaways

Who doesn’t like freebies? It is probably one of the best ways to increase consumer engagement and boost your social media following. Choose custom gifts that are season-specific and make your recipients summer-ready. Lip balm, cooling towels, or caps are some of the many budget-friendly handouts that can be considered. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

6.- Sidewalk sales/ misters

If your store stands in a busy shopping area, organize a sidewalk sale that will get people in. It is a great way to make your stores popular among the busy crowd. You can even set up sidewalk misters on the hottest days that will be a big relief for people on a scalding hot day. Do not forget to hand out small custom gifts like mints or custom sunglasses to keep the audience engaged.

7.- Summer social media sweepstakes

Launch social media sweepstakes and distribute prizes in return for entries, which you can add to your email list.

8.- Door hanger marketing

IEasy to launch, door hanger marketing doesn’t involve a substantial investment as well. It makes an effective yet non-intrusive way to spread the word in your locality and increase the reach.

9.- Come up with Summer catalogs

Get some interesting and eye-catching product catalogs for summer with some lively summer background images for a well-targeted email campaign to boost sales this season.

10.- One-Day Sales

Summer is a great time to announce brisk events like one-day-only discount sales on the most popular summer items. You can do it many times in the summer season to get people to come back more often

There is so many creative ways to market during the summer, Get in contact with us and learn more

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