Business strategy, how to do after COVID-19?

Business strategy and COVID19 is a subject of great importance to which we must pay due attention, especially in these times.

The importance of effective retrospect in covid19 business strategy.

In the moment where companies are today, although it may not seem like it, hindsight is essential. To carry out a retrospective exercise that is really worth taking into account the following questions:

In the business strategy that you had before this crisis, what did you do well, how and why?

By bringing your team together right now and doing a flashback exercise, you will realize how great it is.

Taking them into account, making them participate, empathizing with their own anguish but trying to rebuild together the business, of which they are part, will help a lot to understand what to do in the post COVID-19

So for this question, each one must contribute what they consider appropriate and do not miss any comments, everything is valuable!

In your business strategy, what did you communicate well, what didn't, and why?

Identify and present problems related to communication and work flow.

The root causes of these difficulties must be known, and to speak honestly and receive criticism, if any, is essential.

For post COVID-19, in business strategy, what should we do differently?

After reviewing, why the good and the bad happened, and what was transmitted well and what was not, the appropriate thing should be taken for this moment, and used to plan the new strategies, objectives, goals and actions for the post COVID-19 covid19 business strategy

Discuss how to solve problems or reinforce successes, define actions and who will carry them out, and monitor their progress.

Important to show, inform, publish, that stimulates all the members of the company.

Give feedback to grow and seek excellence

What is the basis for this? The trust!

You and your team must be able to give honest and direct answers and comments without creating negative conflicts.


Thinking about the business as a whole, to define your new business strategy for this new stage, how we gain advantage in the market and thus obtain more income and profit, it is important to realize that involving your workers or collaborators is essential.
Everything changed, even the way of giving business consulting changed; and therefore the exercise of resizing your business strategy should be much more open, much more from bottom to top, listening to employees and finding the behaviors and ideas that are shared by them.

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