Digital Marketing at Christmas: Trends to communicate better and sell more

It may be that for this year you already have everything ready, or you need to complete some details. However, it doesn't hurt that you know some recommendations that can help you in your Christmas marketing campaign. For this reason, below you will see a series of tips that will surely be of great help, so take note:

1.- Provide a particular experience

When these dates arrive, you begin to see all the places decorated with allusive characters such as: Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, elves ... Red and green colors abound, the characteristic colors of this month. And many do not miss the opportunity to use these details in their campaigns.

For this reason, you need to innovate and give your strategy a particular touch. Get out of the ordinary without losing the Christmas spirit. You can apply another color palette, such as light blue, white, or gold. The browsing and shopping experience has to reflect this.

2.- Send your campaign by email

The effectiveness of email marketing is more than proven, so it would be a mistake to leave it out of your campaign. This channel is not only direct, but it is also personalized, which makes the message more effective.

Why use email marketing to send your campaigns? It is one of the channels with the best conversion figures, higher than those offered by social networks and social ads. In addition, the return on investment is quite attractive, since you do not require a large budget since these tools are usually accessible.

3.- Create an emotional message

At Christmas it is key that the message you transmit through your campaign awakens emotions in people. A good example is the Coca - Cola brand, which annually captivates everyone with its Christmas marketing campaigns that always reflect the spirit of the time.

Take the opportunity to send a message of family unity and give a gift to loved ones. It is an excellent way to introduce your products and at the same time to touch that emotional part of consumers. It never hurts to remind you of the true importance of these dates.

4.- Awake the spirit of Christmas

Beyond the purely promotional message, it is ideal that as a brand you join charitable causes. You have to show consumers that you don't just care about sales. You can allocate a percentage to a work to help those in need.

You can also make a collection day of toys or food that you can supply on Christmas Eve to those who do not have. The idea is that you involve customers in this initiative, reminding them that with their purchase they are supporting a social cause.

5.- Use social networks

Missing the benefits that social networks offer would be a serious mistake. It is no surprise to anyone that these days people spend most of their browsing on different digital platforms. These offer you a variety of content without having to move from one website to another.

Reason more than enough to activate yourself on social networks where the influence of your brand is greater. Instagram has proven to be an excellent channel to advertise yourself and get higher sales. You can do it organically, but in these cases it is better to make an investment, since the costs are accessible.

Facebook Ads also has great potential to advertise online. You can create your ads and campaigns for the Christmas holidays with a few simple steps. This way, you can reach a large audience.

eye! These are just two of the most used by brands, but you can also advertise on Twitter, Tik Tok or other platforms. The idea is that you select those in which you know you can have high potential.

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