Does Your Company Logo Evolve With Your Market?

A logo is perhaps the most important part of your company. It reflects your business purpose and is the face with which your company communicates with its audience. A good logo is clear, unique, and memorable.

Many companies change their logos over time, in an effort to reflect the changes that the business undergoes. Evolution is a process of change or development. It generally occurs when a new version of a product or service is better than the previous one. Others are known, but disappear due to being acquired or due to bankruptcy.

In this way, when a company evolves, it is when the new version of the company is better than the one that is left behind. When this happens, it is almost always accompanied by a change in logo or corporate identity, which reflects the new business objectives and in turn better connects with the target market.

Why should you change your company logo?

The world in the 21st century changes faster compared to past decades of the 20th century. This makes sense because today the world is more global and totally interconnected.

As a consequence of this access to information, companies have to innovate more to grow, and this happens more frequently because all markets are increasingly competitive. This innovation and change must be reflected in the identity of the company: The logo.

However, the most important question to ask yourself is: How do you determine if your company logo should change just a little or is it time for a deeper transformation?

Many times the time to change the logo is very obvious, and it occurs as a consequence of a very important business decision, such as a reorganization, acquisition, merger or division of a company. Such profound transformations are accompanied by changes to the logo.

Whatever the reason for the change, it is important that a logo change has a strategic purpose. Do not change or redesign your logo just to want a more beautiful one or redesign to design. The success of a logo change lies in the communion between the leadership of the company's top management and the feelings of the employees and customers about the brand.

Changing a logo is a decision with a high emotional and financial cost. It is for this reason that companies do it on average once every ten years.

Design your logo with meaning

Your company logo is a design element that you should not take lightly. Your design should always go hand in hand, not only with the objectives of your company, but with the feelings of the employees and consumers of your brand.

The important thing is to think about the graphic elements that you should include and that really represent the essence of your company and that also connect with your audience. If you achieve this you will not only have created a well designed logo; you will have created a solid brand.

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