How to quickly adapt your Marketing strategy in the world of Coronavirus (and overcome this crisis)

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, we are all in mandatory Home Office mode. From a professional point of view, your habits will change, your company will be tested and in a few months everything will be different.

With few exceptions, we will all go through a period of low sales, customers will disappear due to insecurity with the economic scenario and financial adjustment.

And what is the Marketing situation in all this history?

It is still extremely important, but it is time to adapt quickly, because in this crisis, there is no point in doing more of the same. At this point, we have to think of two different fronts:

- What should I do to mitigate the problems now?
- How should I act today to avoid future losses?

What can and should the marketing department do?

- Change your content for information that helps the immediate needs of people and calm them. Surely there is some knowledge, in your area, that can help with this.
- Stay close to the directors to publicize positive actions to combat the virus and prevent messages that could be interpreted as opportunists on behalf of the company from being published.
- You must closely monitor the evolution of the local and global scenario.
- You should evaluate all the ways in which the company can help at this time and how to suggest them to the board of directors for disclosure.

These are just a few essential examples for your brand to navigate this turbulent period and come out with a positive reputation in the future. And of course helping others which is always the right thing to do.

Preparing for the future

If you are one of the people who does not sleep at night due to event cancellations, we suggest that you start investing in creating your own channels.

It's no wonder that so many companies are investing in podcasts, newsletters, and blogs today.

Take care of your team

Moments of uncertainty are difficult for everyone and, professionally, require great effort and sacrifice. If you have a team, it is your responsibility to help them get through this.

So never stop paying attention to the physical and mental health of your team.

Asking them to not only continue to do a good part of the routine, but also face pressure from vendors, create new strategies in a delicate scenario, produce more and more content, etc., can be extremely exhausting.

To complicate matters, everyone is probably already working in isolation, which helps with anxiety for many people and can further harm work and emotional exhaustion.

Hold frequent meetings, preferably with the computer camera on, always available to help and always ask how they feel.
If you are not a manager, pay attention to your coworkers, because we are in a moment of physical isolation does not mean that we must also isolate ourselves socially. Send messages, make quick video calls.

We are living a unique moment, that is true, but we can console ourselves with the fact that, at least, it is temporary.

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