The QR code is experiencing a 'boom' due to the covid-19 pandemic

Although the technology of the QR code was already popular before the SARS-cov-2 appeared, with the arrival of the new coronavirus it has become more popular. QR codes connect two worlds: the physical and the digital and allow entering a mobile computer application.

In this pandemic we will say goodbye to the menus of the restaurants and because, as already seen in some reopened places, it is enough to have a QR code at the entrance to scan it and choose the menu on our smartphone.

There is almost no poster that does not include a QR code. This technology is also used to access a WhatsApp account on a computer. The advantage of a QR code is, above all, being able to be everywhere and save time. Before the pandemic this code was already popular, but these days there is a notable increase in the use of this application. You can create QR codes online from $ 5 a month.

It is already possible to scan to avoid consulting the physical menu of a restaurant, accessing the works of a museum, reserving places for vacations ... The fact that the QR code provides the much-needed distance between people when it comes to obtaining information in pandemic time: "Avoid asking or approaching a site, just scan a QR code and all the information will be available to us."

The companies that develop these codes in the world work three times more in the heat of pandemic of covid-19 than before it. They have gone from being almost unknown to growing 200% in 90 days. In the pandemic, not only the authorities realized the usefulness of the QR code, but also ordinary people discovered that this technology is a key that can be used in other activities.

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